Privacy Policy

Hey There You!

If you've landed here you are probably concerned about how we collect & use your data, or maybe you're not & you clicked here by accident. Either way we want you to know that at Carla Mundy Photography, we care about our visitors & their data. We won’t pass on or sell your information to others for marketing purposes & only use the information you provide to give you the best service. We believe in password-protected devices, two-factor authentication & secure offsite back-ups.

What Info We Collect

We like to provide a friendly, personal service so we collect your name. We collect your email so we can talk about your shoot, your phone number so we can find you on the day, your address so we can post prints. We also sometimes collect information about your favourite snacks, what music you enjoy and how you take your tea so we can make you comfortable during a shoot! You get the idea...

Online Shop

If you buy from our online shop (Thank You!) We collect only the necessary information so we can complete your order. That information is stored on a password protected system. We use Google Analytics & cookies to provide insights for our business, this information is anonymised and we do not share this data.

Your Right To Amend


You have the right to view, amend or delete any personal data that we hold about you. Please send us an email if you wish to do so.

Social Media


I like to share my work on social media platforms & sometimes my work may appear in magazines. If you appear in my work I will always try to gain your permission beforehand to publish in these ways.